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Foundational Member Benefits

Your first six months are free while we develop our expanded web portal and grow our community with your help. Professional dues will commence after that.


Be among the first professionals to help shape the future of APPA


Receive monthly updates with news and exciting developments in the APPA community


Make your voice heard through surveys and feedback


Be invited to exclusive members-only events

Additional Information

Your first six months are free while we develop our expanded web portal and grow our community with your help. After six months, dues will be $150/yr based on a sliding scale.

If you would like to support us as a member or not, please consider donating.

Why Join APPA?

APPA is creating the professional guidelines and infrastructure around psychedelic-assisted therapies so everyone can safely access life-changing care. Led by a diverse group, including psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, lawyers, professors, and traditional and non-traditional medicine practitioners, we’ve founded a community to share knowledge, teach and learn from each other, and ensure transparency and accountability as PAT is adopted into mainstream healthcare.

Membership Categories


  • Researcher/Practitioner

  • Alternative Medicine Practitioner

  • Behavioral Health Practitioner (e.g., social worker, marriage and family therapist, counselor, therapist, psychologist)

  • Medical Professional (e.g., Doctor, Nurse, NP, PA)

  • Ceremonial Practitioner

  • Lineage Carrier (trained in lineages and methodologies that are not currently recognized or legally sanctioned)

  • Undergraduate or Graduate Student (Non-behavioral health)

  • Undergraduate or Graduate Student (Behavioral health)

  • Graduate Student (psychedelic-related)

  • Retired Practitioner


  • Policy/Legislation

  • Advocacy/Lobbying

  • Elected Official/Policy Maker

  • Legal/Law Enforcement

  • Community Organizing

  • Media/Journalist

  • Beneficiary/Client/Patient Advocates

  • Musician/Artist

  • Psychedelic-Allied Religious/Spiritual Leader

  • Psychedelic-Allied Behavioral health practitioner

  • Applied Researcher

  • Basic Researcher

  • College/University Educator

  • Education Administrator

  • Medical/Healthcare Administration

  • HR Professional

  • Business Operations

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Philanthropy

  • Social Scientist

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Which category should I choose?

Choose Practitioner if...

You are a psychedelic practitioner or researcher, a student aspiring to practice or research PAT, or are a retired practitioner. 

Example backgrounds include: Behavioral Health, Nontraditional Health, Ceremonial Use, Legalized Use, Lineage Keeper, Etc.

Choose Associate if...

You are not a PAT practitioner, but are in a field that can contribute to aspects of PAT.

Example backgrounds include: Education, Healthcare, Art, Music, Law, Policy, Advocacy, Business Operations, Philanthropy, Etc.

Have more questions? Contact Us.

The Future of APPA

In December foundational members will be invited to submit a formal application to join the APPA community, which will include the following expanded benefits:

Phase 1

Expanded web portal

Mentor matching

Discussion forums

Member directory

Connecting with other members online

Social events (online and in-person)

Interactive resources list

...and more to be shaped by our founding members!

Phase 2

Journal publications

Training program accreditation

Conventions and conferences

...and more to be shaped by our founding members!

Public education programs

Continuing education (including CME)

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