Truth and Land Acknowledgement – Why It’s On Our Homepage.

Updated: May 20

We’ve received questions about our land and truth acknowledgement. Is APPA a political organization? Isn’t this divisive? How is this related to psychedelic healthcare?

APPA’s mission is to build an inclusive community of practitioners and to create and advocate for policies as they relate to psychedelic healthcare.

Building an inclusive community requires addressing the barriers to our community coming together, and the psychedelic community has not been spared from the current and historical cultural context that engenders division and marginalization. Acknowledging harm is but a small step towards trying to build a more inclusive community, and this includes specifically acknowledging our Indigenous members who have held psychedelic wisdom for generations despite significant oppression.

“Do no harm” and justice are cornerstone ethical principles within the helping professions and we invite you all to look at the statements on racism, oppression, and equity made by the American Medical Association (AMA) Board of Trustees, American Psychiatry Association (APA), American Psychological Association (APA), American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA), American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ACAP), and American Nurses Association (ANA). We further invite you to read the statements on indigenous health by the AMA (page 4), APA, and the other APA.

As a community of healers, holding the health, safety, welfare, and dignity of other humans is an integral part of all of our respective professions, and statements and policies addressing the health impact of oppression are commonplace. To the extent that cultural oppression manifests in healthcare inequities, cultural competencies within standards of care and training are, now, also commonplace in the helping professions, and including such in the standards for psychedelic healthcare falls squarely in our mission.

Let us start (but not end) here, by honoring the truth.


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