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Finding Support

Currently, ketamine is the only psychedelic available for legal use in the United State outside of clinical trials. Oregon passed Measure 109, making psilocybin available for regulated legal use in psilocybin services centers, due to open for the public in early 2023. Other states have legislation in process.


List of states

There are many practitioners currently offering integration support services for people utilizing psychedelics. The Psychedelic.Support network offers a directory of such practitioners.

Community Organizations

Fireside logo

Psychedelic Peer Support Line: Dial 6-2FIRESIDE

Clinical Trials

Interested in volunteering for a psychedelic clinical trial? Our friends at Psychedelic.Support have an awesome interactive map that is up to date with trials around the globe.

APPA does not recommend or encourage the use of any illegal substances. APPA does not provide referrals to practitioners practicing outside of legal use.

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