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APPA is a community, and we are incredibly grateful for and proud of all of the time, talent, and dedication of the many hands, hearts, and minds that have made us what we are.

Solana Booth, BASc, Traditional Medicine Practitioner

Chair, Board of Directors


Patricia James, Medicine Woman

Board of Directors


Hadas Alterman, JD

Secretary, Board of Directors


Darron Smith, PhD, PA-C, DFAAPA

Board of Directors


Karen Dunn

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Karen Dunn

Jordan Sloshower, MD, MSc

Board of Directors

Jordan Sloshower

Board of Directors

Jojo Maislin

Interim Executive Director

Jojo Headshot.png

Hadas Alterman, JD

 Director of

Government Affairs


Leadership Team

Why do we exist?

The American Psychedelic Practitioners Association was born out of the need to establish, legitimize, and self-govern the reemerging field of psychedelics. In addition to creating a national home for the diverse community of psychedelic practitioners, a professional association is necessary to advocate for the adoption of psychedelic treatments into the healthcare system and to ensure access for all who could benefit. 

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How did we get here?

The Medicine Midwives came together in 2020 with this vision in mind, and with the recognition that such a representative body requires open and broad participation from its inception. Through a series of national summits, they set out to bring together a group more broadly representative of a mosaic of identities, expertise, and practices. 

The Medicine Midwives included: Bob Jesse, Jeffrey Guss, Sylver Quevedo, Veronika Gold, Lia Mix, Robert Krause, Jeremy Dalnes, Madrone Love, and Alex Cardenas.

Out of this effort, a steering committee was formed with the task of designing an election for the founding board and creating an interim board focused on building APPA’s organizational capacity and starting relevant working groups.

A national search and a series of national summits generated nominations and an election was held in December 2021. This included an evidenced-based intervention meant to reduce bias among electors. 

The Steering Committee and Interim Board included: Solana Booth (Interim Board), Monnica Williams (Interim Board), Emma Knighton (Interim Board), Alex Cardenas (Interim Board), Sonya Faber, Dan Gross, Hannah McLane, James Lawer, Rob Colbert, and Courtney Watson (former member).

APPA was brought into this world on January 28th, 2022 when our founding board first convened, beautifully facilitated by Hanifa Nayo Washington. And the rest is psychedelic history.


Hanifa Nayo Washington

Candace Ogelsby

Victor Cabral

Jenn Nguyen-So

Clare McBee

Aaron Orsini

Terence Ching

Jae Sevellius

Tim Michaels

Rajan Grewal

Megan Frost

Alix Andreaco

Keeno Ahmed-Jones

Rebecca Martinez

Ivy Alvarez

Jennifer Tippett

TaLisa Ramos-Watts

Myriah MacIntyre

Dawn Davis

Marcy Shaarda

Katja Ehrmann

Zach Skiles

Amy Coleman

Meaghan Ross

Rick Barnett

Keith McCoy

Ross Sullivan

Dana Tsyconyea StarByrd

Micah Haskell-Hoehl

Jojo Maislin

Jen Phelps

Janis Phelps


Emma Knighton


TaLisa Ramos Watts


Myriah MacIntyre


Jennifer Tippett


Jay Louie

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